Who am I?

Always a good question, though I have to wonder why you're here if you don't know the answer already.

I am a computer geek with a tendency to compulsively organize things; professionally, that means I'm a project manager, with PMP (Project Management Professional) certification through the Project Management Institute. I tend to manage technology-related projects; my current job is as a IT business analyst.

In my free time, my ex-husband and I split an extensive game collection, ranging from role-playing games (currently playing Legends of the Five Rings and the new edition of 7th Sea, to non-collectible card games (including most of the Munchkin sets and board games (such as Settlers of Catan). Our daughter has moved beyond plush dice (though not given them up) and plays board games and role-playing games with us.

In 2016, I am organizing the revival of a convention called DorkStock, where we play games drawn by the various artists from Dork Storm Press. If you happen to be in Madison, WI early November, stop in and say hi.

In my past, I have lived in Antigua Guatemala, Miami, a year abroad during college in Glasgow, and originally Portland, Oregon.

My Online Presence

My professional profile is available on LinkedIn.

I have a profile on Facebook; I update it far too often.

For reasons that make sense to me, I crochet Cthulhus; they can be found on my DeviantArt site. I also crochet karate-themed gifts.

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