Where have we gone?

This is really only about where we have gone as a couple or a family; there are many places I went before we were a family which I'd like to visit again so they can be added here.

In 2003, I traveled to Guatemala with my (now) ex-husband. We visited family and friends in Antigua Guatemala, shopped in Panajachel and Chichicastenango, and climbed Mayan temples at Tikal, where he proposed.

In 2004, we honeymooned around Hawaii, on a lovely cruise, and spent a few days in Kahala. Some day, we'll visit again.

In 2005, we visited some of my relatives in Portland, Oregon, and discovered (recommended by a friend) Tao of Tea. (We didn't discover Powells; I had been there before, and it's always on the must visit list for Portland.)

In 2007, we traveled to Antigua Guatemala; it was our daughter's first trip to another country.

In 2008, we risked our sanity taking our 2 year old on a transatlantic flight to England, so we could visit some of my relatives there and some friends in Scotland. (Our sanity survived. Well, at levels relative to what we had before.)

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